JUST MEDIA – The 4th Annual LA Media Reform Summit:  February 26th, 2011

Occidental College, 200 Johnson Hall (not Johnson Student Center) (Directions to the Summit)

9:30am: Registration

10:00amWelcome & Keynote Address

10:45 amIntensive Hands On Workshops

Johnson Hall

12:15 – 12:45pm Lunch

12:50 – 2:20pm Main Panel Covering California’s Diversity: Objectivity versus Hate Speech and Fear-Mongering

2:25 to 3:25pm Workshop session I

  • Putting the Public Back into the “Public Interest”: Carrot and Stick Strategies to Empower Communities to Retake Our Airwaves (Sue Wilson and Ron Cooper)
  • Koverboyz: Youtube, Music, and Politics (Josh Erdman and Ben Klute)
  • Uploading L.A.’s Neighborhood Stories: The Hyper-Local Web Documentary Projects of KCET Departures, StoryShare and Youth Voices (Katie Mills, Juan Devis, Justin Cram)
  • Community Broadband and Media Access (Sean McLaughlin and Beth McConnell)
  • Media Issues Affecting Third Party Candidates (Rick Staggenborg)

3:30 to 4:30pm Workshop session II

  • Why Radio Still Matters in 2011 (Gavin Dahl)
  • How blogs and the Internet are changing the way people get their news. (Moderator: Damien Newton, Panelists: Tony Arranaga, Chris Kidd, Siel Ju)
  • Independent Film-making: Making Art While Paying Rent (LaJuan Johnson, Sadie Dean, Candice Rodrigo)
  • Media Literacy for Social Justice: Developing Black Leadership in the Digital Age (Shani Byard-Ngunjiri)
  • Wikileaks, Net Neutrality and Freedom on the Internet (Mera Szendro Bok)

4:40pm Closing

5:00pm Reception