Audio from Listen Up #Los Angeles on World Listening Day

The storytelling collective Listen Up, Los Angeles! hosted an evening of listening at Avenue 50 Studio in the neighborhood of Highland Park. We were also joined by our friends from Southern California Sound Ecology, and approximately 50 members of our community.

  • Teen Dream: “LA is inundated with water, but always parched.” A piece on the sounds of summer.
  • Depending on Listening: The sounds of the city as heard by the blind – an explanation of what we might learn if we choose to listen a little more carefully.
  • The Music They Carried: Like many of LA’s immigrant communities, Cambodians in Long Beach brought with them some of their own special touches – such as music- which make the city great.
  • Big Jim and Smokey Joe: An excerpt from the storytelling podcast “Strangers” that focuses on what the sound of one engine means to one man.
  • River and Sea: A series of around-the-clock recordings made where the LA River runs parallel to the I-5 compresses twenty-four hours into 5 minutes, creating an audio timelapse of contrasting streams of ebb and flow.
  • Shakespeare Summer: A sound collage of several Shakespeare performances in outdoor venues around LA, along with field recordings taken from walks to and from the various venues.
  • The Bird: J.R. Nutt has a problem. “I think it’s a mockingbird,” he says. “I know exactly what it looks like.” I ask if he knows what a mockingbird looks like. He dips two fingers into his curls, scratches, and smiles…
  • Intersection: A weave of field recordings taken at Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Soto Street that invite you to ask yourself: How do we comprehend our own sense of aural space in such competitive environments?
  • Sunset Blvd Going East: A stop into five different neighborhoods all connected by the famous street Sunset Blvd. From an ashram at the Pacific to live music in Boyle Heights.
  • Catalina: One night I was sitting in the parking lot in Hollywood where I can sometimes pick up the station, KISL. I was scanning the dial when the signal came in, but something was off…
  • Waves of Waves: Explores the sounds which constantly and invisibly lap at our feet, as observed from one particular vantage point on the Westside of LA – Del Rey. ‘Waves of Waves’ is a tone poem composed for Listen Up, LA.