Kicking Off Plans for the 2012 #LosAngeles Media Reform Summit

Written by Remy Kahn and reposted from Tiklar.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES — [This past Monday night] marked the commencement of the Los Angeles Media Reform’s 2012 Summit. A total group of over 20 dedicated volunteers filled the room of the Common Causes’ California Headquarters and began the discussion around the coming year’s summit.

The LA Media reform was established in 2007 to help citizens learn about the electronic media, and how to utilize it for various reasons and help promote freedom of the press. Being apart of the Common Cause group has made it possible for their reach to be expansive and ever growing.

The evening started out with the introductions. With so many people and a rich background for each of them, it was exciting to learn that these people were going to be contributors for the summit. As each person spoke up about their own personal attributes and what their own experiences were, it was clear that the summit was going to have the human assets in place to make this the best summit in it’s history.

The group, headed up by Amanda Leigh Shaffer, began their discussion around a theme for the summit. Prior volunteers shared the experiences that they had in prior years. Most notably, Dick and Sharon from LA Progressive LA Progressive has a wealth of knowledge to share with the group. The brainstorming revolved around the various topic and/or theme of the upcoming summit. Some began kicking around the idea of how Citizen Journalism is changing the mass media. Others were concerned about the lack of wealth disparity being mentioned in the mainstream media. With both having merit, it was left to further discussion for later approval.

Working hard towards the common cause – Freedom of the press and freedom of information – L.A. Media Reform has set off to begin it’s march into the next year’s summit with full speed. Each volunteer is promising to bring with themselves a wealth of knowledge and experience to add more strength to this year’s summit. Watch Tiklar for more updates, and checkout these other links for more information: