Reformers Want to Save San Francisco Community Station

The following was sent to L.A. Media Reform by Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Media Alliance:

Tell USC local, independent media is too important: don’t crush community
stations from afar

Targeting: Dr. C. L. Max Nikias (President, USC) and Ms. Brenda Barnes
(President, USC Radio)

Started by: Russell Newman

The University of Southern California has announced that it will ‘preserve
classical music in San Francisco’ via the purchase of the rights to
broadcast there at 90.3 FM and 89.9 FM. USC sees this as a chance to
connect with alumni and with potential recruits. The deal, however, is a

For decades, 90.3 has been the home of the award-winning, University of
San Francisco-operated community station KUSF-FM. As part of a deal
negotiated behind closed doors between USC, the University of San
Francisco, and Entercom – one of the largest radio station owners in the
country – the station was unceremoniously torn from the airwaves earlier
this week. Volunteers arrived to find the station behind lock and key;
others report being treated like criminals as they were ushered out in a
state of surprise. Preserving classical music from afar should not come at
the expense of the cultural and musical communities that are now losing a
key hub. As USC students, alumni, faculty and staff, it troubles us deeply
that our own institution is partially responsible for this outcome.

Educational stations are one of America’s last widely-available outlets
for local, critical and challenging content. During a time in which
independent voices are increasingly scarce on the consolidated FM dial,
USC’s initiative comes at the cost of hobbling a decades-old community
institution. Please sign the petition below to express solidarity with
those of the KUSF community working for the return of their station. It is
our hope that USC can achieve its goals while preserving a valuable San
Francisco voice.

This petition is directed specifically to students, alumni, faculty and
staff of USC.