Video via @MediaJustice: Stand Strong, Commissioner Clyburn!

via Center for Media Justice

On December 21st, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on network neutrality provisions – the Internet’s Bill of Rights. The outcome of this decision will determine whether the Internet is turned over to big companies or remains protected and in the hands of users.

As the FCC inches closer to one of the most significant telecommunications decisions in recent history, some groups are hoping with bated breath that vote of the FCC’s first black woman commissioner, Mignon Clyburn, will protect the online rights of wireless users – the vast majority of whom are young, nonwhite, and low-income.

In an effort to encourage Commissioner Clyburn to oppose pay-to-play rules known as “paid prioritization”, and extend network neutrality provisions to wireless devices, advocates created a video they hope will remind Clyburn how important her voice is to those whose voices are pushed furthest to the margins.

At the forefront of the cheer leading effort is the Center for Media Justice (CMJ). Along with the Media Action Grassroots Network, a coalition of community organizations working in local communities across the country to ensure low-income communities are represented in the heated debate over net neutrality rules, CMJ says that Clyburn’s vote could mean the difference between a tiered, expensive, Internet with the same barriers to entry and broadcast platforms like TV and radio – or the open, democratic Internet we’ve grown to know and love.