“No Kvetching!”: The new motto for journalism conferences?

This weekend, WNYC’s excellent radio program “On the Media” had a segment about myriad conferences on how to save journalism. Alan Mutter made some great points and I particularly liked the idea of banning “kvetching” from these conferences and focusing on solutions.

I found this segment refreshing because it’s something I’ve encountered at similar conferences. I get frustrated because I often feel like the kvetching is so focused on doomsday scenarios for investigative reporting that the only acceptable solution would be a time machine to roll back technological innovation. Since that’s not going to happen, why can’t the media focus on new models? For example, few people think that blogs will truly replace newspapers. Instead blogs are about creating space for conversation. Many corporate media outlets have realized this and attempt to harness social media (even if the revenue model is still being fleshed out).

You can listen to the segment here. A written transcript will be available on the site soon.